A Metaverse Medieval Game

The first metaverse MMORPG built on Binance Smart Chain Platform

Extraordinary Trading Strategies

In the Levora metaverse, players can control powerful dragons into battles and roam the beautiful world. In the game, players can use various types of dragons in battles. By playing, players will be rewarded with LV tokens. LV tokens can be traded on open marketplaces (both in-game and out-game) and transferred for trading, staking, and farming, creating passive earning for players.

Evolutionary NFTs & Lucrative Play 2 Earn Gaming

Levora Dragons is an NFT adventure game. Using pioneering evolutionary NFTs, the game involves heroine/hero avatars, danger, risk, adventure, and 8,888 Levora Dragons - all set on the ultimate quest, to ride the perpetual swap skies. It is built and played by a passionate community of fantasy and Sci-Fi geeks and gamers.

What makes Levora unique?

Levora's NFT game project has strategic depth, planning long-term future development plans. All members participating in the Levora project always put the needs and interests of users on priority. Using pioneering evolutionary NFTs, the game involves heroine/hero avatars, danger, risk and adventure.

Experience history with your own hands. Explore, plunder and conquer.

Token Generation

Levora is a community powered DAO. Levora Token is the core Token for value transmissions and community governance. In the game, Levora Token is mainly used as "bottoming" to recruit heroes. In the game, players gain Token after they participate in wars and get rewards from their rankings.

Whitepaper and Security

An experienced team, layers of audits, and additional security measures ensure Levora employs best practices. Funds are SAFU and black swan events are taken into consideration. Dragons look out for one another.

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